Insurance Definitions
A personal umbrella policy provides liability coverage over your primary policies, such as home and auto, for bodily injury or property damage you cause to others.
A loss to another person or their property for which you are held financially responsible for.
The location used as your address and place of residence. This includes the location where mail is received and autos are kept. This is also the location used for tax filings.
A motor vehicle, licensed for road use, including mopeds, motorcycles and motor homes.
A motor vehicle designed for use off of public roads and not subject to motor vehicle registration. This does not include tractors or farm machinery used to service the property.
Any person residing in your household with a driver’s license that is valid, expired or suspended; including drivers with a learner’s permit.
Any accident, typically caused while operating an Automobile, Watercraft or Recreational Vehicle, in which you are legally responsible for causing Bodily Injury or Property Damage to another person or to their property.
Any offense involving illegal drugs and/or alcohol for which a person’s driver status is affected. This would include driving under the influence of prescription drugs.
Any vessel designed to transport persons or property on water such as motor boats, pontoon boats, jet skis and sailboats.
An unexpected and unintentional event that is out of your control.
A mental or physical injury sustained by a person.
Damage to someone else’s property resulting from an accident you cause.
Protection and benefits provided in an insurance contract.
Coverage bought by an insured in case another driver, who either does not have automobile liability insurance or whose limits do not cover the damages sustained by the insured, causes bodily injury to them.
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